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Student Bus Passes from Stagecoach

Get ready for a new term with our great value student bus passes! 

Whatever student life brings, from festival weekends to library trips, coursework deadlines or club nights, make getting there easy with Stagecoach.

We have a range of discounted student ticket options which all offer flexibility and freedom, with unlimited, anytime travel, from just 83p* per day.


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Great benefits of our student tickets:

• Travel is unlimited and any time, so whether you’re up early or out late, you get travel freedom

You can get exploring with travel all across your area - wherever you want to go, we’ll get you there

They’re great value - make huge savings compared to pay-as-you-go travel

Get peace of mind that bus travel is sorted – one less thing to worry about!


 Can I get student discount on buses?

Our student bus tickets already offer a huge discount of up to 50%** compared to adult tickets, so you make a saving by choosing one of our student options. Plus, by getting your pass in advance you can pay once and never worry about change for the bus again. 

*83p based on a Manchester Annual bus pass £250 used for 303 days. **Annual bus pass £250 in Manchester. Equivalent travel for 10 months using megarider Xtra tickets £580 in the same area. Saving 56%.

How much does a student bus pass cost?

We offer a range of different student travel options depending on your area and how long you want to travel for.


Find out more about student bus passes in your area in the table below.



How to use a student bus pass

Many of our student tickets are now smart

Simply tap your student smart card onto the reader when you board the bus, and remember you'll be required to show student ID.

For paper tickets, show your bus pass along with your student ID to the driver when you board.


If you have questions about Stagecoach student tickets, all FAQS can be found in our Help & Contact area.


Go discover with our unlimited student bus pass